Military Specification Crates Explained

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Hopefully you've read our blog post What is Mil-Spec packaging? and now have a greater understanding of Military specifications.

Many Mil-Specs cover federal requirements for shipping crates, boxes and containers used for domestic and overseas shipping of various products, materials, and supplies.

So, if you’re in the business of requiring Mil-Spec packaging, you’ll likely encounter the following specifications:

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PPP-B-601This specification covers the requirements for new wood cleated-plywood boxes intended for use as containers for domestic and overseas shipment of general materials and supplies.

Download a pdf of the PPP-B-601H spec click here.



This specification covers new nailed and lock-corner wood boxes, assembled or knocked down, for use as containers for domestic and overseas shipping.

Download a pdf of the PPP-B-621D spec click here.

MIL-DTL-197K & ASTM-D-6251


This specification covers the cleaning, drying, preservation, packaging, and packaging marking requirements for all types and sizes of stock and production bearings, associated parts, and sub assemblies .

ASTM-D-6251 forms a part of this MIL-DTL-197K document which covers the Standard Specification for Wood-Cleated Panelboard Shipping Boxes.This specification covers the fabrication and closure of empty and full wood-cleated boxes, referred to as wood-cleated, panel board boxes. These boxes are intended for use as containers for domestic and overseas shipment of general materials and supplies.

Download a pdf of the MIL-DTL-197K spec click here.



This specification covers the fabrication of new wood-cleated boxes with skidded, load-bearing bases. Boxes covered by this specification are designed for loads less than 2500 lb and not greater than 16 ft in length.These boxes are designed for all non-hazardous domestic and overseas shipment loads.

Download a pdf of the ASTM-D-6256 spec click here.



This specification covers three types and nine classes of basic box designs having two exterior vertical cleats on each end. It also covers the closing and strapping requirements for filled boxes and prescribes the criteria to be utilized to determine the serviceability of Government furnished boxes. The box may or may not have hinge and hasp hardware, rope handles and double end construction.

Download a pdf of the MIL-B-2427G spec click here.

MIL-DTL-2845 & ASTM-D-6039


This specification covers the cleaning, drying, preservation, packing, marking and storage of main propulsion shafting, line shaft bearings, stern tube and strut bearings, boat and ship propellers, propeller devices including controllable pitch propellers, shafting and accessories thereto. It also covers repair parts, tools, and independently mounted main propulsion thrust bearings.

ASTM-D-6039 forms a part of this MIL-DTL-2845 document which covers Crates, Wood, Opened and Covered. This specification covers five types and two styles of open and one type and one style of covered wood crates designed for net loads not exceeding 4,000 lbs. Open crates are suitable for shipment of items, which are not readily susceptible to damage from outside forces, and which require only limited protection against the elements.

Download a pdf of the MIL-DTL-2845E spec click here.

MIL-C-104 & ASTM-D-7478


The MIL-C-104 specification covers requirements for two types and two classes of sheathed crates each of which may have two base styles. The crates are designed for net loads not exceeding 30,000 lbs. and to withstand the most severe overseas shipping and storage conditions.

However, as of June 24, 1993 the American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM) D7478/D7478M, Standard Specification for Heavy Duty Sheathed Wood Crates supersedes MIL-C-104C. However, the building practices of MIL-C-104 are still generally referred to in contracts.

Download a pdf of the Mil-C-104C spec click here.

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ASTM.org American Society for Testing and Material (ASTM)

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