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5 Myths about Packaging Busted!



#1 The cheapest box is always the best packaging method.

An inferior package can lead to costly damages and therefore upset customers.


#2 Anyone is qualified to package my product

There is a much higher risk of damages when an inexperienced person packages your product. Read the Valley Box Post 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Packaging-Company 


#3 All packaging is stock and available off-the-shelf

Many products require custom designed packaging to accommodate highly technical, sensitive, or heavy products.


#4 More foam = Better protection

Loading up a package with the wrong foam density can actually lead to damages.


#5 "I don’t need to allow any time for the package design process"

Start thinking about your packaging during your product’s design phase, many times packaging can be integrated into the manufacturing process. Watch the 6 min webinar segment Valley Box put together regarding The Packaging Design Process


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