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How to Improve Packaging Design Performance

Valley Box's video series walks viewers through a package's lifecycle starting from the packaging design to transport and finally to the evaluation of that packaging.  Watch this video to learn more!

lifecycle.jpgAt the end of the package's lifecycle, when you evaluate the performance of the packaging, it may lead to a redesign consideration for continued improvement. That’s why this lifecycle is a circle!

With emerging technologies every year, you will always have a chance to improve upon your packaging design. If you’re looking to decrease your packaging costs or improve performance, this is your stage in the lifecycle. The company providing your packaging manufacturing will be an advocate for cost comparisons of similar products or improving performance with a re-design.

For more effective communication, have ongoing reviews which provide a benchmark for evaluations of safety, performance, alternative packaging solutions and cost savings. Provide the company handling your packaging manufacturing with drawings, pictures and dimensions of your product to ensure ongoing success and savings.

5 Packaging Design Tips

  • Perform your due diligence by always getting at least 3 competitive quotes.
  • When evaluating your packaging costs weigh factors like; damage costs, packing labor costs, and re-usablity savings.
  • Communicate successful and damaged shipments for review. With damage claims it’s helpful to supply pictures of packaged products.
  • When in doubt install damage indicators to rule out mishandling.
  • Evaluate companies who provide packaging manufacturing not only on their price but their quality, efficiency and level of customer service.

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