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San Diego Crating Company's Animated Series

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Companies like Geico have utilized Xtranormal’s adorably low-fi cartoon characters spouting robotic dialogue for televised commercials. At least one newscast has used it to dramatize news events. Google and Unilever utilize the software to create internal training videos. Now, you can add a San Diego crating company to the mix!

Alicia Guillette Vice President of Valley Box Company says, "We used Xtranormal to bring our company mascot to life... a 7 foot tall cardboard robot that goes by the name of Robox."

Guillette explains that "Robox has packaging on the brain... constantly!" The series follows Robox as he’s left home for college to become a packaging engineer.

Guillette continues “The packaging industry can tend to be very technical and dry, we wanted to bring the humor and the natural charm of our mascot to life." Xtranormal proved to be a great tool that gave this San Diego crating company the ability to animate with a ridiculously low budget!

“My favorite episode involves the iPad, I still laugh when Robox asks why an iPad would break, because pads are soft,” laughs Guillette.

Check out the whole series below and let us know what you think! And of course if your looking for San Diego crating follow Robox's advice and "Contact Valley Box Company!"

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Episode 1: Empty Nest
Mama Bot is sad to see her son Robox leave for college.


Episode 2: The New Nest
Robox meets his new College roommate, Bucky.


Episode 3: Seeing Double
A possible clone flusters Robox.


Episode 4: Just Ship It
Bucky looks to Robox for advice on what to do with his motorcycle.


Episode 5: Home for the Holidays
Robox finds an interesting way to get home for the holidays.


Episode 6: New in Town
Is love in the air? Robox meets Lola, the hot new robot in Botville.


Episode 7: Love Through Boxes
Robox asks the school hottie for advice on a Valentines Day gift.


Episode 8: Care Package
Ashley asks Robox for advice after receiving a broken iPad 2 as a care package from her parents.


Episode 9: Immobile
After successfully shipping his motorcycle home Bucky now worries about how he's going to drive back to ship more stuff home.


Episode 10: Back on the Block
On a trip home for the summer Mama Bot embarrasses Robox on the karaoke bar mic.


Episode 11: Keep it Together
A romantic trip to the park turns south when a sensitive topic is discussed.


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