• Open corrugated box
  • Tuck top custom corrugated box
  • White custom cardboard box
  • Custom corrugated box with tuck top
  • Custom corrugated box with logo and graphics
  • Tuck top custom corrugated box with product features
  • Custom designed corrugated box
  • Custom cardboard logo box
  • Custom designed cardboard box with graphic
  • Custom colored corrugated box with logo
  • Fold top tall custom cardboard box

Custom Corrugated Boxes

We can provide stock & custom corrugated boxes including: printing options, wax-coated products, sheets/pads, corrugated inserts and other structurally enhancing components.

We can help you create custom cardboard boxes with a variety of styles, color printing and strength. From regular slotted containers to tuck top mailers, we have the experience you need to end up with the perfect box.

Stock size = $300/order
Custom size = qty. 50
Printed = qty. 300

  • Custom triple wall box with straps
  • Fold top triple wall box with foam inserts
  • Closed triple wall cardboard box
  • Open top triple wall box with wood base
  • Triple wall custom box with wood sideing
  • Stacked custom triple wall & wood boxes

Triple Wall Custom Corrugated Boxes

Triple Wall  custom cardboard boxes provide manufacturers with an alternative to wood cratesWhen engineered correctly, a triple wall container can be just as strong as a plywood box, but weighs much less.

 Triple Wall is:

  • 250% lighter than wood
  • 22% avg cost savings compared to wood
  • Often used to reduce overall packaged weight
  • bug free alternative for International Shipments
  • Splinter-Free handling


  • Ideal for indoor storage
  • A great one-way shipper
  • Perfect for Lower Quantity Runs
  • Recyclable by the End User
  • Low Cost Solution

Additional Features can include:

  • Available in One-Off's and low quantities
  • Skids to facilitate pallet jacks or forklifts
  • Heavy duty 1.5" wood deck for heavy loads
  • Internal foam inserts
  • Reusable case-style box with fixed closing straps and buckles
  • Recycled custom cardboard box

Recycled Custom Cardboard Boxes

Custom Corrugated Boxes made from 100% post-consumer waste are reliable, cost effective and help to communicate an environmentally conscious message to customers.


These boxes are constructed from materials that have completed one full lifecycle and have been disposed of by the consumer through recycling streams.


How much can you save using 1 ton of unbleached corrugated?

Download this PDF to find out!

Recycled Corrugated Boxes



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