Case Study: Collapsable Shipper

A collapsible shipper is any crate or container that folds, disassembles or collapses. This creates a flat package that may reduce the size of the container by fifty percent or more. To shrink the costs associated with returning shipping containers why not consider collapsible shippers?

A Scientific Equipment Company needed to decrease the shipping costs associated with their return shipper. They send supplies to archaeological digs all over the world, where the supplies are unloaded and the container is immediately shipped back to the base plant in San Diego, CA.

Since shipping fees are not only based on weight but also cubic dimension, the return shipment was costly. This case study reviews the collapsible design that allowed for an 18% reduction in return shipping costs along with other unforeseen benefits. 


Case studies are great at conveying results driven solutions that can be:
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  • Printed for all to see

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