Case Study: Trade Show Box

The best way to start and end your trade show run with a bang is to choose the right shipping crate. Not only will the right trade show shipping crate offer immediate benefits such as quick identification, easy open and close, and optimal protection for your booth, it will continue to work for you year after year.
An industrial manufacturer required a new design for a trade show box used to transport a 4,000 lb display unit. The marketing department, who handled the display unit, requested a design that would resolve concerns regarding; safety, potential damage to display, and a similar process for removal and re-crating.
Additionally, the manufacturer asked that the trade show box be durable enough to last for years of repeated use. In order to meet these need Valley Box had to implement a number of custom solutions that resulted in a safe and ergonomic reusable container. Case studies are great at conveying results driven solutions that can easily be:
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