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Custom Foam Dividers Can Be Lifesavers

Sometimes a decent fit is all you need to protect your shipment, so a standard foam divider will likely make the grade. However, when it comes to unique shipments that call for a custom fit, custom foam dividers may be the answer.

custom foam dividers

Custom foam dividers are fitted to your specific shipment no matter how uncommon the shape or size may be. This means, in addition to offering all of the benefits of a standard foam divider, custom foam dividers create an absolute perfect fit, resulting in an additional line of defense against common shipping hazards such as crowding, sliding, dropping, tossing, and more! 

So what about those other lines of defense? In general, high quality and efficient foam dividers offer benefits such as:

  • Optimal Organization
  • Superior Shock Absorption
  • Excellent Insulation
  • Lightweight 
  • Durability
  • Recyclability

Optimal Organization

Contents are neatly organized. This makes unpacking, placement, storage, and locating items easy.

Superior Shock Absorption

Foam has shock absorption properties that many other packing materials don’t have. When a shipment bounces or slides during shipping, foam dividers absorb the impact keeping your items safe from breaks.

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Vibration Dampening

Excellent Insulation

Not all shipments require temperature control but because custom foam dividers have built-in temperature control, the system will adjust accordingly.

Lightweight and Durability

Foam is lightweight yet durable so it offers all of the support of a heavier material, without the added weight. This means you’ll pay less for shipping costs.


So, if you have a unique shipment that requires a custom fit, consider the benefits and choose custom foam dividers.

Valley Box is a proud distributor of fine foam products. We only work with the best and most reliable manufacturers in the industry, so contact to get your customized shipment started today!

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