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Best Packaging Solutions for Fragile Parts

From tough tubes to custom containers, the packaging industry offers an abundance of effective products that provide excellent protection for your fragile parts. These products can help protect your fragile parts against handling and shipping damage that can occur in transit, whether you’re shipping by air, land, or sea. They also offer protection against damages that can occur when boxes are moved or jostled while in storage.

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Even the most heavy duty containers might need a little something extra, as a sturdy exterior might not be enough to prevent products and parts from shifting, vibrating, and experiencing other movements while in transit or being stored. Download our Vibration Dampening Case Study
to learn more. The following are just a few extras you can use to help secure fragile parts inside wood, corrugated, plastic, and other types of packaging containers: 

packaging containersIf you’re interested in a packaging container that comes equipped with cushioning, you might consider a standard or custom foam-lined shipper. Foam lined shippers are containers that have several built-in layers of thick foam, which offer superior shock absorption and extraordinary protection against vibration. While they come in all shapes and sizes, foam shippers can also be customized according to your exact specifications.

  • Most foam shippers are reusable
  • Many have locking tabs for added security
  • Shippers can be used alone or as a secondary container.

While there are many cutting-edge products on the market today, it might take a little legwork to find the best packaging containers for your specific fragile parts. One of the main things to consider is, in some cases, you may have to purchase separate products as a compliment to the packaging containers.

Valley Box offers a wide variety of packaging containers and custom solutions for your fragile shipping needs. Contact a Valley Box shipping expert today to find out how we can help make sure your shipment has a safe journey!

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