The Best Material Handling Equipment is Custom Built

Some "off-the-shelf" or cookie-cutter material handling solutions seem to adapt to multiple environments quickly and easily, however many fall short to accomplish the job efficiently and safely.

This has less to do with the quality of the material handling fixture and more to do with how unique a company’s manufacturing, packaging, storage, and distribution needs may be. Simply put, not all facilities are the same.material handling equipmentIn some particular cases, sophisticated custom material handling solutions can instantly improve the outcome of the task at hand and ensure that businesses get the results they want. A safe, dependable, and notoriously strong solution is the custom steel fixture. Personalized or “custom” solutions are perfect for:

  • Assembly lines
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centers
  • Stock rooms
  • and Anywhere else that moving heavy loads is required.

So What’s the Deal with Steel?

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If it ain't broke...

Steel is one of the world’s oldest and strongest materials. It dates back to as early as 1200 BCE and became the material of choice for swords.

Called “wootz” in ancient Europe, Arabs used steel to make their infamous Damascus swords. Since then, countries around the world have created new and improved steel, with Sweden leading the way in the eighteenth century and Great Britain in the nineteenth century. 

The U.S. was the world’s largest producer of steel in the twentieth century, until 1970 when the Soviet Union stole the crown.

Today, China is the leading producer of steel, but the U.S. is still among the world’s top five producers—and for good reasons.

Besides having superior strength and durability—enough to withstand the harshest working or weather conditions, steel is easy on the budget and environmentally friendly.

Easy on your wallet

Steel is more cost effective than other materials, thanks to the limited amount of labor it takes to produce, than say, wood, which requires cutting trees and transporting them to facilities for processing—all before you’ve even begun the design process.

In fact, because steel solutions can be designed, engineered, and built in roughly half the time required for a similar wood solution, you can save up to one-third of the cost!

Environmentally conscious

Steel is 100% recyclable, making it a preferred material in the environmentally conscious packaging industry. Currently:

  • 65% of steel in the United States is recycled
  • 66.8% of steel around the world is recycled

That’s more than aluminum, copper, glass, lead, paper, and plastic combined, making steel the world’s most recycled material.

Using recycled steel saves 80% of CO2 emissions and 75% of the energy needed to make steel from virgin materials. Every ton of steel recycled saves:

  • 2,500 pounds of iron ore
  • 1,400 pounds of coal 
  • 120 pounds of limestone
  • 40 percent of water

And finally, steel can be recycled over and over again with no loss of strength or durability. This means, if you ever outgrow your custom steel fixtures, they can be recycled and used to build new ones.

Download our Metal Scrap Recycling PDF

Why Customize?

So now you know why steel is the clear-cut choice for your custom steel fixtures, but what’s so great about customization you ask? This is an easy question to answer.

Say you have lumpy, uneven floors, odd-sized sharp corners, cramped shelving and storage spaces or maybe even all of the above. A customized solution can be designed with all of these unique characteristics and configurations in mind.

It’s simple—customized steel fixtures are made to fit your manufacturing facility, stock room, distribution center, or warehouse, whether you use them for transporting, positioning, storage, multi-use, or all of the above.

Creating Custom Steel Fixtures at Valley Box

Valley Box has a top notch design and marketing team that’s ready to listen to your ideas and help you turn them into a reality—step-by-step.

Our staff can create the best custom steel fixtures for your small or large business, and our solutions are guaranteed. So, if you’re ready to move on to the next step, you can get started by calling a Valley Box representative today at 866-449-2882 or use our convenient online contact form here. Yes, it’s that easy.

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