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Tree Growth Exceeds Harvesting in the U.S.

Being that Valley Box builds our heavy duty packaging out of wood, we would have an affinity for trees! A tree grows upward from the tips of the branches, downward from the roots, and outward from the trunk.  Each year as a tree grows it adds new layers of wood to its trunk.  These layers are sometimes referred to as "annual rings" and may be used to tell the age of the tree. Commercial lumber providers use indicators like these to know when a tree is ready to be harvested.


One third of the United States is forested.  This means that our nation's 2.3 billion acres of land has at least 753.5 million acres of trees.  These forest lands are classified as either commercial or noncommercial. 

Commercial forest lands are "capable" and "available" for growing trees for harvest. Scientist estimate that America's forest land contains some 230 billion trees, that's around 1,000 per person in the USA, and more trees are planted each year. The wood industry does an excellent job of managing harvested forests by ensuring new trees will grow and replace those trees mature enough to be removed.

Trees not only provide fiber for wood and paper, but also provide:

  • Recreation
  • Wildlife habitat
  • Watershed protection
  • Oxygen

The nation's commercial forestland maintains a net annual growth that exceeds removal by impressive 31% each year. This means the amount of wood in our nation's forests continues to increase. We have added 28 million cubic feet of wood since 1977.

The practice, known as sustainable forestry, assures that we will have trees of a variety of species and sizes growing forever to make the products we need in our daily lives.

Valley Box recently donated trees to our local San Diego watershed. Watch our "Planting Trees for Earth Day" video to see the story



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