Take an ordinary wooden crate and enhance it! 

You'll end up with a custom shipping crate that is:

  • Longer lasting
  • More secure
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to identify

Thinking "Outside" the box

Sometimes it's what's on the outside that matters.

Take ordinary wooden crates and customize them to your hearts content, providing ease, accessibility & mobility!

Ramps, Shelves & Doors

One of the things that sets Valley Box apart from the other custom shipping crates is our ability to integrate components such as ramps, shelves and doors into basic wooden crates to create a material handling fixture.

Additions like these are great for manufacturers who require more out of the wood crate than simply transporting cargo.


Ramps, Shelves & doors

Paint & Stenciling

Paint adds ultraviolet protection to any wooden container increasing its lifespan and color coding aids in container identification.

In addition to paint, custom stencils can be fabricated for long-term use or one-time use and can be made to accommodate multiple colors. 

Think of the possibilities! Paint & Stenciling

  • Company logo
  • Part numbers
  • Special handling
  • Special instructions
  • Chemical notices 

Crate Hardware

The addition of hardware to your wooden container can create a truly impressive reusable or ergonomic solution for your product's needs. Valley Box can source a wide variety of special hardware.

Courtesy Nails
Double Head
Eye Bolts
Lag Screws
Lifting Rings
Link Locks

Don't Judge a Box by it's Cover

The inside of your crate matters just as much as the outside.

Protect against damage from vibrations & impact by customizing the internal components to maximize your products safety. 

Saddles & Tie Downs

Custom made wood and steel saddle components connect directly to the container's base and support your product's payload during shipment.
To prevent abrasion to the product while in transit saddles can be lined with foam carpet or rubber. 
Tie-down devices or ratchet straps hold your product in-place and can easily be installed into the shipping wooden container. Tie downs work particularly well in conjunction with saddles. 
Saddle & Tie Down



Poly foam prevents damage from vibration and shock from impact during transit. Our packaging experts understand the strengths and limitations of foam densities and the load-bearing characteristics.

We offer several methods for fitting your product into foam, each method has its own strengths and selection depends on your product's packaging needs. 

Water jet - Molded - Die cut



Carpet & Neoprene

Placing your product into a box and shipping it without adequate internal protection may lead to extensive payload damage due to vibration, impact or environment conditions during transport.

Carpeting or Neoprene are often utilized as a low-cost solution to surface abrasions. By applying at the contact points of saddles, blocking and bracing, delicate finishes and materials are protected.

Carpet & Neoprene


Vapor Barrier Bags

Custom vapor barrier bags are a means of preserving the contents of a package against damage from elements such as; dirt, dust, salt spray, grease, moisture, and other airborne contaminants.

Available in styles ranging from envelope to gusseted. Products bagged and sealed in properly controlled production environments will remain protected for 12 to 18 months.
vapor barrier bags
Vapor Barrier bags


Inspection Windows

Speed through customs with this wooden crate add-on.

An inspection window customs inspectors to verify the contents of a package without breaching the preservation packaging.

The window also allows a view of a moisture indicator for quality control inspections to ensure the package continues to be properly sealed.

Observation Port

Canted Cradle

Wide loads that exceed road and traffic conditions will benefit from a canted cradle.

Simply tipping your wide load at an angle can reduce the width and thereby the load fees.

Valley Box cradles can be constructed from either wood and/or steel.