What are reusable shipping crates?


Most reusable crates will be stored in inclement weather and experience rough handling during transit. Therefore, they are constructed using thicker plywood, thicker lumber, have adequate accommodations for forklift entry, and are painted.

Valley Box can easily take an economical one-way shipper or wooden shipping crate and turn it into a reusable shipping crate to fit your needs.

Moisture & UV Protection


Over time, UV rays and moisture can create an undesirable environment that can promote decay and cellular breakdown which will degrade the structural integrity of the wood and the overall package.

Paint adds moisture and ultraviolet protection to the wood and can create a watertight barrier that prevents moisture and UV damage from rapidly occurring on the organic wood material.

Weather Stripping


Other accommodations, like weatherstripping, help provide a watertight seal on removable panels.

Weatherstripping is a vinyl material that offers a weather-tight seal and resists decay. It works similarly to window and door weatherstripping for the crate and helps fill gaps and spaces to insulate and weatherize the reusable shipping crate. 

Slip Lid


If the customer needs a removable lid, we recommend a “slip lid” which, by its overlapping design, can also help to create a watertight seal.

Cleats Inside


Some customers prefer the cleats to be placed on the inside of the reusable shipping crates as this aids in the watershed and creates a sleeker-looking exterior.

Cleats are the lumber boards which add to the framing structure of a panel to reinforce the crate or box and adds bulk to the edges for nailing or stapling purpose.