What makes us the best San Diego crating solution?

Valley Box stands apart from the competition in our ability to integrate steel into our custom wood crate designs to add unbelievable strength and longevity!

Valley Box accommodates an assortment of manufacturers ranging from aerospace, aeronautics, energy, electronics, machinery and defense.

Setting Standards

Valley Box has a long history of offering San Diego crating solutions. From the long-lasting reusable crates that can be painted and enhanced with steel for strength, to the economical one-way custom wood shipping crates.

Additionally, our team of seasoned crating designers and fabricators can build wooden shipping crates faster and better than the competition.

For other custom wood crating companies looking to be inspired in the world of specialty boxes and containers, Valley Box continues to be a historic leader in a wide variety of options that exist on the market.

Years of Proven Quality

While there a lot of companies out there that can produce wood crates for shipping, very few can match the wide array of boxes, containers, and custom material handling & tooling solutions as Valley Box.

From wood to metal to plastics to corrugate to plywood to industrial vinyl, almost any material or design requirement, Valley Box can provide a customized crating solution.

Valley Box knows when a box is more than just a box. When you combine years of experience, with custom-designed crating solutions, exact specifications to get the job done safely, correctly, efficiently, and your over-all-cost being evaluated throughout the process, you know you are dealing with the experts in the San Diego crating solutions industry.