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Anti Corrosion Solutions

Preservation packaging and vapor barrier bags are important for sensitive products susceptible to corrosion such as:
Metal Parts - Electronics - Machinery

Apply this type of protection to products whose integrity is jeopardized by:

  • Being stored for long periods of time
  • Shipping via water transport
  • Encountering moisture during transit
  • Exposed to elements: dirt, dust, salt spray, grease, & moisture

Custom vapor barrier bags are available in styles ranging from envelope to gusseted. Products bagged and sealed in properly controlled production environments will remain
protected for 12 to 18 months.

Barrier Bag Care
barrier bag care



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Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibiting (VPCI) products work as a gas rather than requiring physical contact. VPCI use molecular compounds in vapor phase to prevent corrosion in machining, milling, and in military preservation.
The chemical compound actively attaches to metal to prevent corrosion. These products work even in the presence of water and are recommended for long term preservation.   


Emitters Catalog


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Desiccant is placed inside vapor barrier bags to control moisture. Silica gel desiccant is a substance that absorbs water vapor 
from the air.
 Typically desiccants are used to eliminate the 
harmful humidity
 that could potentially degrade or even 
destroy products that are sensitive to moisture.
Desiccant Bags are ideal for protecting pharmaceuticals, 
diagnostics, electronics and food. The industrial strength bags 
are strong, durable and allow for extremely high adsorption rates.


Desiccant Calculator


Desiccant Application Formula

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Moisture Indicators

Humidity indicator cards can be placed inside the preservation packaging directly onto your product. Quality control departments 
can open the package periodically to check the integrity 
the moisture prevention.
We've even installed custom observation ports
with visible moisture indicators to keep the package 
from requiring opening.


Observation Port 
with Moisture Indicator



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Heat Sealers

For customers out of our service area we can loan out a heat sealer to seal vapor barrier bags.
The handheld machine delivers a high-quality, airtight seal 
which meets MIL Specs.

Loaned Kit includes:

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  • observation port in wooden container
  • observation port in painted wood crate

Inspection Windows

An Observation Port allows for customs inspectors to verify the contents of  package without breaching the preservation packaging. 


The port also allows a view of  a moisture indicator for quality control inspections to ensure the package continues to be properly sealed. 


Added weather stripping kept the port water resistant, and high-grade plexi added resistance to impact from rough handling.


Observation Port

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