What is a Military Spec Crate?

A United States defense standard, often called a military standard, "MIL STD", "MIL SPEC", or (informally) military spec crate, is used to help achieve standardization objectives by the U.S. Department of Defense." Defined by wikipedia

Our team of seasoned crating engineers and fabricators can build custom shipping crates to meet a multitude of specs such as; Military spec, ASTM, clean room, and fire retardant. Many Military Spec crates cover federal requirements for shipping crates, boxes and containers used for domestic and overseas shipping of various products, materials, and supplies.

Valley Box can design and construct Mil Spec crates to meet any requirements.

Standards & Objectives

Military Spec Crate designs are guided by pre-existing military specifications (Military Spec, Mil Spec, Military spec crates).

The objective of Military Spec is to ensure that items and products meet specific requirements:
  • The total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Reliability Logistic Systems
  • Compatibility Manufacturing requirements
  • Testing standards
  • Other defense-related objectives.

Protection & Specifications

Miltary specs help:

  • Protect against contractor fraud
  • Promote greater opportunities for competition among contractors
  • Provide products that can perform in extreme conditions
  • Ensure interoperability between products.

If you're seeking Military Spec crates you’re likely to encounter the following specifications:

PPP-B-601, PPP-B-621, MIL-DTL-197K, ASTM-D-6251, ASTM-D-6256, MIL-B-2427, MIL-DTL-2845, ASTM-D-6039, MIL-C-104, and ASTM-D-7478.

To get descriptions and downloads for these specs, visit our blog post Mil Spec Crates Explained.