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5 Awesome Ideas for Reusable Shipping Crates

You have a phenomenal product that your sure, is destined to become a top seller—if you could just get it into the end users hands.

It’s true. In all its' greatness, your product will be sitting on your warehouse shelf because it is lost in a sea of other, well, great products. This means, your product will need more than just superior ability and usefulness to help it stand out from the competition. It's simple and can be easily done.

Our secret is to create unique product packaging that draws the end user in—at first sight.

reusable shipping crates

I've heard enough!
Wood Crate

Since your end user is also a general consumer in their day-to-day lives this means your product has just a few seconds to convince the end user of its superior ability and usefulness. If your product packaging does not have visual appeal or provide adequate protection, the end user may walk away—and likely with the competitor’s product instead of yours.

You can definitely stop this from happening with a little confidence and creativity when it comes to your reusable shipping crates.

It may sound daunting, but creating attractive product packaging doesn’t have to be difficult. If you think about making it colorful, creative, and concise, you’re off to a darn good start.

According to Valley Box Company a 48-year-old prototype development and packaging design firm, logistical and financial considerations are just as important attractiveness. The most common considerations include:

  • Shipping requirements. Vary depending on whether the product is shipped by train, truck, ship, etc.
  • Product protection. Is your product fragile, does it have small pieces, or is it sensitive to heat and moisture?
  • Intended form of display. Is this the outer packaging, will you be stacking it, will it ship in an enclosed container or flat bed?
  • Cost of Packaging. How much can your company budget in to create the perfect product packaging?

We understand that you will likely have to meet with the shipping, marketing, and financial teams at your firm to help tackle the considerations above. In the meantime, take a look at our 5 Awesome Ideas for Reusable Shipping crates. This way, when you’re ready to get down to designing, you’ll have plenty to work with.

Let's dig into the 5 Awesome Ideas for Your Reusable Shipping Crates...

1. Make it reusable 

You don’t have to worry about recycling because the customer gets to reuse the packaging over and over again. There are several categories of reusable packaging typically found in industry, you can learn more at Examples of reusable packaging include:

reusable shipping crates

  • Reusable pallets
  • Reusable handheld containers
  • Reusable bulk containers
  • Reusable dunnage
  • Reusable wraps and straps






2. Make it interactive

It doesn’t have to be high-tech! People love packaging that actually does something. And when it does, the packaging becomes part of the experience of using the product. Think indicators, inserts and removable pieces, and QR codes (ok, QR codes may considered high tech by some, but they are worth the effort). Valley Box manufactures reusable shipping crates with some pretty cool interactive components such as:

reusable shipping crates

  • Ramps
  • collapsible design
  • Hinges
  • Viewing ports
  • Rolling pedestals


3. Add some texture.

You can layer designs, use “recessed” routed-out lettering, custom stencils, attach product information to the outside of the package, use textured materials inside the package, and more.
carpet on reusable shipping crates

Some textured materials available at Valley Box include:

  • Carpet
  • Linex
  • Steel



4. Add some color

reusable containers

Dazzling colors will certainly help your product packaging stand out. A painted reusable shipping crate can be easily identified when amongst a crowd of other products (especially those of your competitor). Match the color to your branding efforts or think outside the box and create something with multiple colors or stencils.


5. Try see-through packaging

observation port on reusable shipping crates

This may not work with all products, but when it does, it works like a charm. Observation ports or holes can allow an end-user to verify contents without having to take apart the package (which in some instances require tools).

  • Observation ports
  • Open Slat Crates
  • Observation holes

Does your packaging require special shipping or outer options?

We can help. 

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Written by Valley Box Company

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