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5 Key Steps to Prepare Your Product to Ship in Wooden Containers

Be prepared... that's the Boy Scout's solemn creed! Valley Box feels the same way... about your packaging! Clear communication between you and your packaging provider is the first step to a successful shipment.

Here are 5 more key steps to prepare your product to be packaged and shipped in wooden containers.

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inside wooden container

1. Confirm 

dimensions wooden container

Always double check the weight and dimensions of your product you are packing into your wooden containers.

Watch our How to Measure a Part for Packaging Video

2. Method

airplane carrying wooden container

Decide on your method of transport via air, water or ground keep in mind weight restrictions that may apply to your wooden containers.

Are there customs regulations that will apply to your shipment? Overseas shipments require the use of heat treated wood

3. Description

fragile wooden container

Come up with terms to describe your product like fragile, moisture sensitive, heavy, etc. This will assist in the initial design needs of your product's packaging and any additional warning or stencils on the outside of your wooden containers. 

4. Handling

forklift holding wooden container

Find out how the package will be handled by the end user, like their receiving capabilities, how long the package will be stored or if they plan on reusing it.

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5. Artwork

reausable box wooden container

Decide on the artwork or stenciling you'll want on the packaging like your logo or special handling instructions.

Valley Box can create custom stencils for your packaging needs.

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