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Transporting Package in Collapsed Position

describe the imageReusable Packaged Wood Container (R-PWC) Instructions for Transport in Collapsed Position




You will require; an envelope, tape, steel strapping, edge protectors, tensioner, crimper tool and open metal seals. We recommend wearing safety glasses, and gloves when needed.

  1. Start by placing all 12 spring clamps into an envelope.
  2. Next place the small end panels, painted side down, on the deck.
  3. Place the envelope of the spring clamps in the center of the deck and secure with tape.
  4. Next stack the long side panel painted side down. Adjust the end panels to allow steel mounting brackets to sit flush with the side panel.
  5. Then stack the other side panel painted side down.
  6. Then the lid, painted side down. Make sure that the stacked parts are flush on all sides.
  7. Begin strapping procedure by placing two straps evenly spaced on the stack.
  8. Place cardboard edge protector between the strapping and the lid. These will protect the plywood when tightening the steel bands.
  9. Line up steel strapping, and use the tensioner to tighten the straps.
  10. Affix metal seal, and crimp.
  11. Repeat this process with the final strap
  12. The Reusable Packaged Wood Container is now ready for transport in the collapsed position.

Box Manufactured by: Valley Box Company
Video Produced by: AliVega Productions
Voice over: Gary Motika

Special thanks to:
ADLS - Aerospace Distribution & Logistics Support -

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