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Move Through Customs Quicker with Custom Triple Wall Boxes

There are so many reasons why triple wall corrugated boxes are the clear-cut choice for many overseas shipments, you’ll lose count. Add customization, and this smart option is a slam dunk for most overseas shipments.


First, although many shipping companies often offer a dozen or more stock sizes for you to choose from, nothing guarantees a perfect fit like a customized corrugated box. You provide the exact specifications and the packaging solutions company does the rest. 

Keeping Customs Happy & Other Top Benefits of Custom Triple Wall Corrugated Boxes

Besides a perfect fit, customized triple wall corrugated boxes move through customs quicker than wooden boxes. Sure wooden boxes can be customized too, but they are subject to certain restrictions that can make or break a deadline. These restrictions are collectively known as “ISPM 15 Rules,” which apply to international shipping of ocean freight that contains wooden crates, dunnages, wooden pallets, wood cases, drums, and other wood-packaging material. 

ISPM 15 requires that all international ocean freight shipments using any species of raw wood packaging must be fumigated or heat treated, prior to the international shipping, to kill insects or fungus. All wood-packing materials used in international shipping must be stamped with the approved by IPPC stamp, prior to the international shipping. International ocean freight shipments that contain wood-packing materials will be checked in respect of compliance with the ISPM 15 regulations before to be allowed to enter to or crossing through a participating IPPC country. Learn more

In addition faster movement through customs, custom triwall corrugated boxes can be designed to help your products (and brand) stand out in a sea competition. You can choose bright colors, cool eye-catching designs, logos, labels and more to set your boxes apart. A customized box can also be outfitted with dependable accessories like corrugated trays and pads, dividers, handles and more to ensure that your products are always safe and secure.

Speaking of safety—customized triple wall corrugated boxes are considered extra heavy duty thanks to three flutes instead of the standard two, which offers superior strength.

triple fluted

Further, this solution is made with high performance grade corrugated paperboard, which is much stronger than cardboard (stiff paper) because rows of air columns act as a cushion and paper columns make the box strong. The air cushions offer an added layer of protection to help absorb shock and hold up when multi-stacked. 

Storage and Recycling Tips for Triwall Corrugated Boxes

Is your space limited? Not a problem. Triple wall boxes are flat packed for easy delivery and storage. And because they are light, triwall boxes are easy to manage and move around.

A bonus benefit of choosing triple wall corrugated boxes is recyclability. Corrugated boxes (custom or not) can be recycled up to eight times. This equals savings for you and the environment.

And recycling is so easy. All you have to do is have your recyclable boxes picked up by your local recycling authority, take them to your local recycling bank on your own, or simply sell them to help save the environment and recoup a little cash!

Customized Boxes at Valley Box

Valley Box offers low prices on custom triple wall corrugated boxes and accessories. Our goal is to keep prices on our products low and customer satisfaction high. Our full service custom corrugated solutions include slotted dividers, custom print plates, die-cut inserts, and more. 

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