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Custom Packaging Design Using SolidWorks

By specializing in customizable packaging, Valley Box has separated itself from the market. Custom packaging design starts with assessing each customer's specific needs and goals then asking the right questions to find the best solution. President of Valley Box, Bob Eschwege, says,

"The smallest common denominator is size and weight. That is where we start.”

The process begins:

  • 1. An experienced Packaging Expert contacts the customer to get the full scope of packaging design needs.
  • 2. Often the Packaging Experts will go to the customers facility, take precise measurements and pictures of the product to be packaged.
  • 3. Valley Box Packaging Engineers work with SolidWorks or AutoCAD to create packaging designs that best fit the customer's unique product being shipped.

Valley Box employs an entire staff of engineers who can design and bring your package to life using SolidWorks 3D drawing and modeling software.

Alicia Guillette, Vice President of Valley Box, explained,

"The software can also help reduce costs, by performing simulated stress tests and load tests on designs to see what the products can carry and withstand during travel. This process can eliminate the need for expensive drop tests and provides the customer with a realistic visually appealing 3D drawing."

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