Roll Off 40 Yard Dumpster Storm water Pollution Solution

by Alicia Guillette on Fri, Aug 18, 2017

Under the statewide Industrial General Storm Water Permit (IGP),

"Waste materials and trash must be contained in tightly lidded dumpsters to prevent rainwater from collecting inside the dumpsters, by leaking from the bottom and introducing pollutants to storm water runoff."

This can prove to be a challenge when it comes to open top roll-off 40 yard dumpsters.

First, waste management companies usually don't supply covers this large.

Building an awning to cover the dumpster limits top loading with forklifts and may become problematic when it comes time to swap out dumpsters.

Covering with a tarp or vinyl cover can be labor intensive and can create a pond of water that may make Storm Water compliance a challenge.

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Roll off 40 Yard Dumpster SWPPP Solution

Valley Box Company's EHS team considered how the roll off 40 yard dumpster was currently accessed with forklifts top loading and designed a product based on those observations, the solution: Storm Water Dumpster Lids. Then their engineering department put their heads together and developed large wood covers.


Wood components are painted
to increase lifespan

roll off 40 yard dumpster swppp-lid-blocks

Blocks on edges are designed to
fit varying dumpster widths

roll off 40 yard dumpster lid forklift tines

Steel forklift channels increase
entry-way durability


Forklift tine location customized
to width requirements


Stackable to reduce space
when removed


Angle promotes water shed


Valley Box feels its important to do our part to help conserve our environment, part of that is following a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

The #1 goal of any SWPPP is to eliminate excessive water contact with objects such as yard machinery, trash, areas that may harbor grease/oils, or asset storage that may harbor pollutants.

If your company is in need of Storm Water Dumpster Lids
contact Valley Box Company to get a quote to fit your specific needs! 

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