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Skip The Customs Wait Time with "See Through" Reusable Shipping Crate

International reusable shipping crate standards have evolved over the years in order to actively and appropriately address issues related to everything from environmental waste to the control of deadly plant diseases.

As a member of the international packaging scene, the wood packaging and crating industry has seen a number of new (and changes to) standards throughout the decades. This includes the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade (ISPM 15).

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The National Plant Protection Organization of the United States and the United States Department of Agriculture, in coordination with the wood packaging material industry, has developed an export program to guarantee compliance with the import requirements of trading countries.

The program insures certified treatment and marking of wood packaging material for international trade, while maintaining traceability of the packaging material. The integrity of the program is dependent upon industries compliance.

The Heat Treatment Program was developed in order for the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC) to implement a quality control program for the official labeling of heat treated wood packaging material with the ISPM 15 official mark to signify compliance with the ISPM 15 standard. -USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

If the lumber used on international packaging does not bear the official mark, the shipment may be held up in customs. Further, the company responsible for the shipment could face potential liability. If you are familiar with customs inspections, the last thing you want is for your product to be waiting in port.

Reusable shipping crate shipping delays can make a business owner feel helpless and fearful of what may be happening any sensitive products and materials contained in the shipment. Even worse is the disappointment customers feel if the shipment doesn't arrive on time. No matter how amazing the product may be, a late shipment can derail customer satisfaction and trust.

To ensure that verification at customs is effortless, Valley Box has the talent and the resources to implement a variety of custom solutions. For example, an Import/Export company was experiencing long wait times at customs because the reusable shipping crate used did not offer easy access for verification. In addition, during the verification process on one shipment, the vapor barrier bag was left open exposing sensitive machinery to atmospheric moisture resulting in corrosion damage.

Valley Box installed an observation/inspection port on the exterior of its reusable shipping crate, along with a viewing port in the barrier bag. This allowed customs to perform necessary tasks without breaching the seal or the container. A humidity indicator visible through the observation port was also added, which provided a method to confirm the integrity of the vapor barrier bag.

Valley Box’s observation port design on the import/export company’s international reusable shipping crates successfully reduced damage claims to zero and expedited all future customs inspections. Constantly held up at customs? Find out how Valley Box’s custom solutions can help you. 

A Packaging Equipment Manufacturer needed a solution to decrease the time and damage caused by overseas customs inspections. Their shipments were being delayed through customs because the containers had to be completely opened in order to be inspected by officials. The improperly re-sealed containers ultimately led to a 26% damage rate to shipments due to corrosion.

Valley Box's case study explains the small installations used to expedite customs inspections and reduce corrosion damages without a big hit to the bottom line.



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