Storm Water Management with Dumpster Lids

by Valley Box Company on Thu, Jul 14, 2016

It’s never too early to start planning for the rainy season and you can begin by making sure your business meets storm water compliance at local, state, and federal levels. Under the statewide Industrial General Storm Water Permit (IGP), waste materials and trash must be contained in tightly lidded dumpsters to prevent rainwater from collecting inside and leaking from the bottom, which introduces pollutants such as oils, grease and garbage to storm water runoff. Local and federal regulations require an effective Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) as well. Fortunately, Valley Box has you covered at all levels. 


Valley Box has developed a new solution for storm water dumpster lids that features a unique design that complies with all storm water exposure regulations. Valley Box has also created these dumpster lids with you, the end user, in mind to deliver a dependable, cost-effective, easy to operate, lightweight product unlike any other on the market.

Valley Box storm water dumpster lids are proudly made in the USA and can be shipped within North America. Once received, the lids may be installed/removed with forklift in a matter of minutes. Here’s how it works: using your forklift, enter tines into the forklift pockets, lift lid off dumpster, lower and set aside, dispose of trash as usual. After, use forklift to lift the lid back on top of the dumpster. That’s it. Quick, easy, you're done! Watch this video to see them in action

So what makes Valley Box storm water dumpster lids so unique?

  • They safeguard the container from storm water contamination, content theft, and unapproved content dumping
  • They are made of constructed of wood & steel
  • Lids may be treated with your color choice of UV protective paint
  • Lids are slightly angled to promote water shed
  • The dumpster lid lip sits within the container
  • They allow dumpsters with side doors easy access to entry without removal of the lid
  • Lids are specifically made to efficiently stack to avoid costly wide load shipping fees & save valuable space in the yard


All of this adds up to a range of benefits that every business will enjoy. Valley Box storm water dumpster lids:

  • Assist in lowering your dumpster tipping fees by eliminating water weight & unapproved content dumping
  • Eliminate worry of mildew, water sag, and tears, which can commonly occur with the use of similar products made of polyethylene plastics or tarp-like materials
  • Aid in achieving local, State and Federal Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
  • Facilitate in obtaining ISO 14001 Certification
  • Help to obtain EPA's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
An added bonus is no alteration of your dumpster is needed. This amounts to significant time and money savings.

Make sure you’re covered well before rainy season arrives.

Contact Valley Box for a quote today!

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