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What to do before you Buy wood crates

If you're in the market to buy wood crates for your product then you've landed on the right blog post! Valley Box is here to help walk you through some the information you should have prepared before you make the call to request a quote.

Wood Crate

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Before picking up the phone to buy wood crates, you should clearly define your packaging objectives:

Your Specific Wood Crate Needs

    1. What is it that you need outsourced?
    2. What is the scope of your project?
    3. What services do you need?
    4. How many units do you need?
    5. When do you need them?
    6. Which region of the country would best suit your packaging needs?

Clearly Define the Project

      1. How many units do you need produced?
      2. When would the project start?
      3. When does it need to ship?
      4. How many finished units go into each package?
      5. Do you have physical samples/drawings to provide to potential contract packaging partners?
      6. What are the physical sizes of your items?
      7. What is your budget?
      8. What is your quality expectation?
      9. What values are the most important to you when selecting a contract packager?
      • Price
      • Quality
      • Customer Service
      • Lead Times
      • Flexibility
      • Value
      • Efficiency
      • Location
      • Trust

10. What special services or requirements do you need from your contract packager?

    • Documentation
    • Customer Service
    • Reporting
    • Physical Inventories
    • Warehousing
    • Direct Shipping
    • Quality Standards
    • Flexibility
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