External Technology
Thinking "outside" the box

Sometimes whats on the outside of the box can be just as important as what's on the inside. Take an ordinary wood crate and get it suped up with external components. 

You'll end up with a product that can be:
  • Longer lasting
  • More secure
  • Less susceptible to water damage
  • Easier to handle
  • Easier to identify


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The addition of hardware to your packaging can create a truly impressive reusable or ergonomic solution for your product's needs. Valley Box can source a wide variety of special hardware.

Courtesy Nails
Double Head Nails
Eye Bolts
Lag Screws
Lifting Rings
Link Locks
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Paint & Stenciling

Paint adds ultra violet protection to any wood box increasing its lifespan and color coding aids in container identification.


In addition to paint, custom stencils can be fabricated for long term use or one time use and can be made to
accommodate multiple colors. 

Think about the possibilities!

  • Company logo
  • Part numbers
  • Special handling
  • Special instructions
  • Chemical notices
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Labels & Indicators

We can source a wide variety of labels.

  • Tamper resistant and pilfer proof tapes are available in various lengths. 
  • Labels are available in rolls and can say virtually anything
  • Tip n tell and shock watch should be added to any high valued package to indicate whether or not a container has been mishandled during freight.
  • Humidity indicator cards can be placed inside the preservation packaging directly onto your product.
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Banding & Stretch Wrap

When your products are packaged, in crates or cardboard, it can be best practices to secure the load with banding or stretch wrap.


Banding is offered in steel or polypropylene banding. It's used to secure products safely to skids and other bases.


Plastic stretch film used to wrap and secure products to palletized orders for a commercial use, and wrapping individual items. It is available in various roll sizes and gauges.

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Packaging Examples

Helpful Downloads

Trade Show Box
Trade Show Box
Observation/Viewing Port
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Reusable Crates
Reusable Shipper
Reusable Shipper
Reusable Shipper
Fixture Housing
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