• Trade Show Reusable Shipping Crate

Reusable Crates

Best Long Term Solution!

Purchasing high quality reusable shipping boxes intended to
endure long-term use or multiple shipments may cost more
upfront, but opting for the wrong packaging will
inevitably cost you more in the long-term.


Highly sensitive instruments, trade show exhibits, parts
requiring transit for subassembly, parts with complex build
processes all can benefit from reusable containers.

Valley Box can take an ordinary box and add upgrades
to extend the life of the box and turn it into

a cost effective reusable shipping box.


Boxes are fully customizable with components such as;
hardware, handles, locking latches, protective steel, foam lining, ramps, and casters.

RFQ Reusable Box

Painted Reusable Shipping Crates

Paint adds ultra violet protection to any reusable shipping crate increasing its lifespan and color coding aids in container identification.


Remember, these are just a few of our reusable shipping boxes. Packaging solutions may vary with your specific product requirements. To learn more and to get started saving, get a Valley Box reusable packaging quote today!


RFQ Reusable Box
  • reusable shipping box for sensitive instrument

Custom Reusable Shipping Crates

A crates main purpose is to protect calibrated tooling,
delicate instruments
or similar sensitive equipment.
A reusable shipping box can be outfitted with custom interiors and fabricated from wood, plastic, fabric or foam.

Also known as display cases or show box.

Other uses include:

  • Protection
  • Display
  • Organization
  • Presentation
RFQ Reusable Box

  • reusable shipping crate for trade show
  • reusable crate for trade show
  • reusable shipping box with trade show display
  • reusable crate for trade show display

Trade Show
Reusable Crates

Trade show reusable shipping boxes require additional planning to design the interior so that display components can be conveniently removed and loaded on location, while maintaining proper protection during transit.


Maximize your trade show display investment by incorporating the following protective details:

  • Foam or carpet lined surfaces
  • Metal edged corners
  • Ramps
  • Pedestals on casters
trade show crates
  • refurbished reusable shipping box
  • refurbished reusable shipping crate

Refurbished & Reconditioned Reusable Shipping Crates

Refurbishing reusable shipping boxes makes good business sense and help your bottom line by extending the life of the box and maximizing investment by using it over and over again.


When the repair cost is no more than half the cost of a brand new container, we recommend refurbishing! Every piece of hardware, steel and wood can be replaced so it performs just like it did when it was first built.

Refurbishing Process
Refurbishing Process

Refurbished Box
Case Study
Refurbished Box

RFQ Reusable Box

Helpful Case Studies

Refurbished Box
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