Valley Box crates feature internal technology designed to accommodate your company’s own individual trade show booth. This includes all accessories and any extras such as fragile marketing materials and additional advertising displays.

Trade show reusable shipping boxes require additional planning to design the interior so that display components can be conveniently removed and loaded on location while maintaining proper protection during transit.

trade show crates

Maximize your trade show display investment by incorporating the following protective details:

  • Foam or carpet lined surfaces
  • Metal edged corners
  • Ramps
  • Pedestals on casters
  • Tie downs
  • Hinged sides, ends or lids


Trade show shipping crates also make it easy to identify the contents of each container by using paint and stencils to create clear communications.

In the fast and frenzied trade show environment, being able to identify what’s inside each crate can help eliminate confusion and save precious time.