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10 Things You Need to Know about Packing Crates

Choosing the right packaging service for your company is important to your bottom line. The right packing crates design can help increase efficiency and production by enhancing your manufacturing and packaging capabilities.

More importantly, when you make the right match, you can rest easy knowing that your packing service has your best interests in mind and in all likelihood, your shipment will arrive on time and unscathed. In the unlikely event that your package sustains any damages, the right packaging services company will be there to pick up the pieces and make it right.

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To make sure you’re on the road to choosing the perfect packing crates for your company, the following packaging tips will provide some guidance.

When evaluating packing services, companies should:

1) Perform due diligence by always getting at least 3 competitive quotes.


2) Weigh factors such as damage costs, packing labor costs, and reusability savings.


3) Make sure the service has a competitive cost structure. This way, customers will receive the best possible price.  


4) Consider companies that purchase packing materials near their location. This will help reduce costs even more.


5) Evaluate not only price, but quality, efficiency, and level of customer service.     


6) Consider convenience. A packing crate company that is located near clients’ facilities or centrally located in their distribution area can help reduce freight costs.


7) Consider longevity. A company that has provided packing services for at least 10 years (with a proven track-record) is definitely worth considering.


Once you’ve made a good match and the relationship is well underway, it’s a good idea to keep the lines of communication open—especially when it comes to damage claims and other sensitive issues. You should also continue to hold the packing crates company to the highest standards—the same standards that helped seal the deal. 

Companies should:

8) Communicate successfully completed and damaged shipments for review.


9) Supply pictures of packaged products with damage claims.


10) Install damage indicators to rule out mishandling (when in doubt).

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