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5 Best Packaging Thought Leaders To Follow

Don’t fret about spending time separating the best from the rest. To make it easier for you, below are 5 of the best packaging thought leaders to follow about custom packaging and more. They will keep you on top of the latest news and the most current trends in everything from custom boxes and crates to brand packaging, applications, technology, and much more.




download (2)Dedicated platform for the package design industry and its practitioners, students, and enthusiasts. Its purpose is to define and promote the world's best package design.

They also provide a place where the package design community can review, critique, and stay informed of the latest trends and projects being created in the field.

For more information check out their Website

Packaging News

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Packaging News is the leading industry magazine and website for packaging buyers, specifiers, designers, suppliers, and manufacturers in the UK and globally.

PN has a supply chain covering design, retail, logistics, manufacturing, and more. The publication is available both in print and online.

For more information check out their Website

Valley Box Company


Packaging blog dedicated to discussing the latest in industrial packaging technology, packaging & manufacturing tips, and industry news. 

Infographics, help guides and tip sheets provide packaging buyers with tools for success.

For more information check out their Website & Linkedin

World Packaging Org.


The organization has brought this vision to life by encouraging
the development of packaging technology, science, and
access and engineering, contributing to the development of international trade, and stimulating education and training in packaging.

For more information check out their Website & Linkedin

Information is power—so powerful that it's critical to a business staying competitive and even surviving. Fortunately, staying on top of industry trends, innovations, inventions, and new techniques is easier now than ever thanks to quick and easy access to everything from online industry mags to authoritative blogs and newsletters. Even better is, there are so many excellent information sources to choose from you’ll lose count! This is true about every industry—including the custom packaging industry.

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Valley Box Company

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Valley Box demonstrates what is possible beyond just the typical wooden crate. This specialty crating manufacturer works with a wide variety of materials from wood to plastic, corrugated, metals and more. Discover how to take specialty crating to the next level.