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5 Ways to Improve Your Reusable Crates

Even the most durable reusable crates and shipping containers could use a little extra help. To ensure that your shipment can withstand the environmental conditions, impact, and vibration that go hand in hand with transport, consider multiple layers of protection—starting from the inside out.

According to Valley Box Company, while most exterior boxes are similar in design, it’s what’s going on inside that really provides the protection! Simply placing your product into a crate and shipping it without adequate internal protection may lead to a damaged part.

Fortunately, the packaging team at Valley Box has a variety of proven solutions that provide the added layers of protection needed to protect your products and your bottom line. In fact, planning the internal bracing will actually streamline your handling time and create an easy to use component that may be used again and again.

Check out all the Internal Technology Valley Box offers!
Internal Technology

The following are five internal packing solutions offered by Valley Box and how they can (greatly) improve your packaging. 

1. Coatings

reusable crates foam-liners 32947775223_665edf6198_z.jpg

Painted containers experience reduced damage from moisture and rain. This is a cost-effective way to increase the lifespan of your wood shipping container in harsher environments.

Carpeting or Neoprene are often utilized as a low cost solution to surface abrasions. By applying at the contact points of saddles, blocking and bracing, delicate finishes and materials are protected.

Truck Bed Liner is another method to prevent surface abrasion. This industrial strength coating is sprayed directly onto the surface of the wood crate and offers long-term adhesion

2. Saddles & Tie Downs

reusable crates tiedown

Saddles are custom made wood or steel components connected directly to the container's base in order to support your product's payload during shipment. To prevent abrasion to the product while in transit saddles can be lined with a variety of coatings or cushioning products. 

Tie down devices or ratchet straps hold your product in-place and can easily be installed into the wood crate. Tie downs work particularly well in conjunction with saddles.

3. Cushioning Products

32947767223_2a3e75823f_z.jpg reusable crates bubble wrap     loosefill-897183-edited


Poly Foam prevents damage from vibration and shock from impact during transit. Valley Box’s engineers understand the strengths and limitations of foam densities and the load-bearing characteristics, which is why they offer several methods for fitting your product into foam. Each method has its own strengths and selection depends on your product's packaging needs. Download the Valley Box Cushioning Chart 

Bubble Cushioning is a great solution for electronic components, glassware and spare parts. Choose from regular to anti-static. Available in three bubble sizes, 3/16", 5/16" and 1/2".

Loose Fill or "Packing Peanuts" easily fill in and around the contents of a shipping box, providing a cushion of protection on all sides. Made of moisture-proof material, peanuts are a lightweight packing alternative that saves on shipping costs, yet are durable enough to be reused. Valley Box offers regular, anti-static & biodegradable loose fill.

4. Blocking & Bracing

reusable crates block and brace

Blocking and bracing is the practice of using pieces of wood to reinforce your product's support in its packaging. Dimensional lumber is custom-sized during a pack job to strategically hold your product in place during transit. Valley Box prides itself with the ability to properly block and brace items in anticipation of rough handling during transport.

5. Separators

reusable crates drawers dividers


Dividers work to keep products separated within the crate during transit. Simply put, dividers can ensure a snug fit to prevent items from being crushed or banging around inside the crate. In reusable crate applications the dividers can be integrated into the wood crate in a way that allows them to be removed to accommodate for a different payload.

Drawers make sorting and organizing parts or products easier and more convenient, which helps minimize mishandling. They can be espcially helpful when designing a trade show crate

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