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A Custom Wood Crate Add-on to Make Loading Heavy Items Safe

Let's be honest, loading heavy items in-and-out of your wood crates is risky. Risky for both your staff and your product! Staff could get injured or equipment damaged, neither are situations you want to be dealing with.

How do we suggest you eliminate risk and difficulty? By incorporating loading ramps into your custom wood crates!

custom wood crate with rampNot only do ramps make loading and unloading your custom wood crate more manageable for staff but it keeps the process simple and safe. With ramps for access and ease of loading, you get peace of mind knowing your staff and product are protected.

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Another design time-saver is Valley Box's easy-open feature. Quick, tool-free access is key to keeping the set-up process running smoothly and efficiently. Start making your loading and unloading process easier and more accessible for your staff by adding loading ramps into your custom wood crates.

custom wood crate with ramp

Valley Box can help you start making the process easier and more accessible by evaluating your current crate design or starting a new design from scratch. Valley Box packaging experts take the time to understand your payload so all items are properly and safely protected during transit.

We pride ourselves on using strong building materials and hand-selecting each piece of wood to ensure the quality will match our performance expectations. We’ve also carefully crafted a set of mandatory design requirements and can confidently stand behind our product, knowing our crates are one of a kind, tough during transit, and durable enough to last for years.

custom wood crate with rampCustom wood crates
are incredibly versatile and are the number one packaging choice when durability, flexibility, and performance are critical. Interchangeable components in the design configuration make wooden crates a unique medium for both domestic and international shipments of 700 lbs up to 10,000 lbs.

Flip through the Valley Box Ramp Crate Flickr album below.


Since 1964 Valley Box has been a leader in manufacturing custom wooden crates for unique, oversized, and fragile items. With simple wooden containers, our wood product line has expanded to serve the needs of our diverse manufacturing customers.

HERESafe & Easy: Custom Wood Crate Add-On for Heavy Loads

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