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Small Business Plants Trees to Celebrate Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day Valley Box Company partnered with The San Diego River Park Foundation to plant trees native to the Peutz Creek Preserve. Planting trees within the San Diego River watershed will encourage a healthier ecosystem and provide wildfire restoration efforts. During this event, volunteers from the two agencies work together to plant and water Coast Live Oak Trees.



“Valley Box wants to enhance the quality of life in San Diego through stewardship of the natural ecosystem. To plant trees in recognition of Earth Day around our community not only beautifies the natural landscape, but will moderate the climate, improve the air quality, conserve water, and harbor wildlife!” explains Alicia Eschwege, Marketing Director for Valley Box Company. “Valley Box’s wood containers, built with sustainably grown forests in the USA, were the inspiration to plant trees.” This year Valley Box has donated eight Coast Live Oak trees to the foundation’s efforts to plant trees.

About the San Diego River Park Foundation

The San Diego River Park Foundation (SDRPF) is a community-based non-profit founded in 2001. SDRPF relies upon donations and support from the community and grants for its general operations. The members are dedicated to creating a river-long system of parks, open spaces, and community places that celebrate the River's unique natural and cultural legacy and enhance our quality of life.

San Diego River Park Foundation current programs include:

Donations – Use PayPal to donate to the: General Support, River Conservation Opportunities Fund, Discover Center at Grant Park, Tree planting, and Education Fund.

Volunteer – Visit the event calendar for more dates. Types of events: River Clean-Ups, Outreach and Education, Murals and Community Enhancement Projects, River Monitoring, River Garden, Point Loma Garden, Friends of Santee's River Park, and Friends of the River Mouth River.

Rescue Team – The first and third Wednesday each month volunteers are needed to help clean up trash sites along the river.

About Valley Box Company

San Diego’s leading packaging manufacturer, Valley Box Co., provides comprehensive package design for today’s industrial packaging challenges. Valley Box provides its customers with packaging solutions that include: custom design, manufacturing, and just in time fulfillment. Visit our Green Business section of our website to learn more.

For more information about the San Diego River Park Foundation:


Call: 619-297-7380



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