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Bark Reduces Dependence on Fossil Fuel

Technology has developed so much now-a-day, that the thought of going back to basic energy produced without fossil fuels sounds surreal. The good ol' fashioned use of bark and wood helps to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel. As it has been important to adapt to new technology, it is now important to adopt ways to contribute to the environment.

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Mills utilize bark and wood residuals as a source of energy required to run our operations. These biomass fuels reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and purchased electricity, thereby reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.Unlike fossil fuels, which emit carbon into the atmosphere from geologic sources that are not renewable, carbon associated with the combustion of biomass is part of a natural cycle that maintains a carbon balance by removing emitted carbon from the atmosphere through photosynthesis and storing it in plants, trees and soil. Valley Box is committed to the responsible use of natural resources, and we make sure our suppliers promote the same practices. Valley Box chooses to incorporate sustainable business practices by recycling all wood scrap with San Diego's Waste Management Company.

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