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Sustainable Forest Management

Sustainable forest management is about nurturing the long-term health of the forest ecosystem while providing present and future generations with environmental, economic, and social opportunities. Thinning is one approach to managing a forest sustainably.


Increased tolerance to environmental pressures. The tree’s vigor is enhanced through reduced competition. This improves the ability of the tree to withstand insect and disease, and periods of drought


Increased plant diversity. Thinning creates openings in the forest canopy allowing sunlight to reach the understory, which stimulate growth of more grasses, forbs, and shrubs. The greater abundance of native plants species closely resembles historical forest conditions.


Improved wildlife habitat. The increased number of plant species in the understory creates a richer source of food and cover for many wildlife species.


Reduced wildfire threat. Wider tree spacing can slow the spread of fire, help keep fire on the ground surface rather than in the tree canopies, and reduce fire intensity by reducing the amount of available fuel.


Improve aesthetics. A more open, park like forest is generally perceived as visually more pleasing than a dense one.


Although some people consider cutting forest trees to be a harmful act, if done with care for the surrounding environment, it can improve the condition of the forest. The improvement of the forest’s health and wildlife habitat, creation of more historical conditions, and reduction of wildfire threat are beneficial outcomes of forest thinning.

Valley Box chooses to incorporate sustainable business practices by recycling all wood scrap with San Diego's Waste Management Company.

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