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Forest Size Continues to Grow

The media has painted a clear picture of large developments taking over our forest. Everyone is quick to label the paper and wood industry as the "enemy."


What people need yet to know is the strong contribution of growth in forest land those industries have invested in. Our forest are not decreasing, forest growth in the U.S. has continually exceeded harvest. About one-third of the United States is covered with trees. That's about 70 percent of the forest land that existed when Columbus discovered America. On the nation's commercial forest land, net annual growth exceeds removals through harvesting by an impressive 31 percent each year.  And the amount of wood in our nation's forests continues to increase.

Wood companies are in the business of harvesting trees, therefore reforestation is important to keep the business flow going. Last year one third of America's trees were planted by forest product companies. Because trees live so long, it is easy to think of them as permanent . Fires, windstorms and insects can be natural threats, but eventually the tree will die just like any other living organism. Then trees are replaced by young ones which eventually will go through the same process. Valley Box's offers a wide variety of wood packaging solutions.

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