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Tips for Damage claims

Occasionally when products are damaged or destroyed, the blame game can come into play.  We all use freight companies and hire carriers at some time.  To make sure that the cause of damage and the parties involved are identified for insurance proposes, we recommend some basics steps be implemented to protect your company.


  • If the receiving party signs the bill of lading/receiver without documenting that there are damages, the freight company will not take responsibility for any claims.
  • It is important that the receiver check for visible or non-visible damages before signing.
  • Communicate successful and damaged shipments for review.
  • With damage claims it’s helpful to supply pictures of packaged products.
  • When in doubt install damage indicators to rule out mishandling.

When evaluating your packaging costs weigh factors like; Damage Costs, Packing Labor costs, and Re-usability savings. Watch part of our packaging review presentation to learn more about handling damage claims:

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