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Assembly of Reusable Collapsable Wood Container

RPWCReusable Packaged Wood Container (R-PWC) Assembly Instructions.


  1. You may require a rubber mallet or hammer during assembly.
  2. We recommend wearing safety glasses, and gloves when needed.
  3. Before assembly, be sure that cargo is centered on the rubber mat.
  4. To begin place end panels with flat angle brackets into the slotted location on the skid, sliding metal bracket edge securely under the plywood deck.
  5. Place long side panel into vertical position, making sure that the 90 Degree retaining hardware aligns with the adjacent end panel.
  6. Place spring clip into 4 hardware locations and secure by hitting with a rubber mallet... or a hammer... or the palm of your hand.
  7. Repeat this process on opposite side panel making sure all 4 corners are fastened securely.
  8. Place the lid on top of the container making sure that all of the retaining hardware lines up.
  9. Then attach the hook of the short leg of the spring clip into the square hole of plate and strike to secure , do this to all 4 lid spring clips.
  10. Always check that all the hardware has been secured properly before shipment.

Box Manufactured by: Valley Box Company
Video Produced by: AliVega Productions
Voice over: Gary Motika

Special thanks to:
ADLS - Aerospace Distribution & Logistics Support -

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