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Wood Box Special Coatings

To increase the performance of wood shipping containers, Valley Box Company offers a variety of exterior coatings.


  • Water Sealer - Thomson's Water sealer is sprayed to the exterior or the container reduces damage from moisture or rain. A cost effective way to increase the lifespan of your wood shipping container in harsher environments.
  • Painted - paint adds ultra violet protection to any wood box increasing its lifespan, and color coding aids in container identification.
  • Carpeting or Neoprene - This material is often utilized as a low cost solution to surface abrasions. By applying at the contact points of saddles, blocking and bracing, delicate finishes and materials are protected
  • Linex® - This industrial strength coating sprayed directly onto the surface helps extend the life of your container. Linex is an environmentally friendly product and offers long term adhesion to your container. Learn about other environmentally friendly products in our Green Business section of our website.
  • Paper Lined - Paper is installed during initial container assembly, asphaltic emulsion paper lining creates a water & mold resistant barrier, and fulfills many mil-spec requirements.
  • Heat Treated - All Valley Box wood products are Heat Treated and certified by the USDA. Heat Treated Wood Materials are required for certain international transit by the USDA. Learn More:


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