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Scrap Metal Recycling

Every day you see metal all around you. From the tiniest pieces that make your computer run, to the medium sized pieces in your car, to the massive steel beams that erect up skyscrapers downtown. Metal is everywhere! But did you know that metal in your own city and all over the country is being recycling daily?

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Metal scrap is processed for one purpose only, and that is to ship it overseas. The idea is to be able to compress it as much possible in order to maximize the space in the shipping containers transporting it.

First thing most processors do is lift the delivered metal with a crane that is either a traditional cable type or a hydraulic crane that is available on crawler, truck, pedestal, gantry, rail, or overhead mountings. Large magnets or grapples are attached to the cranes that lift and move the ferrous scrap. Some processors have shredders that can turn an automobile into much smaller pieces of scrap.

After processing the scrap metal, the scrap processor will sell the processed scrap to a mill, foundry, or other company that will use the metal to make new products. Many products of which might sit in your home today. Valley Box chooses to incorporate sustainable business practices by recycling all metal scrap with San Diego's Waste Management Company. Visit our “Green Business" page to learn more!

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