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Scrap Metal Recycling In San Diego

Scrap recycling is a win-win situation. There is a monetary incentive and scrap metal is bought out for even more than any other material. On top of that It also reduces:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Conserves energy
  • Helps the environment by conserving the Earth's limited natural resources.

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Scrap Metal processors in the U.S. alone handle the following approximate quantities of scrap metal annually:

  • 56 million tons of scrap iron and steel
  • 1.5 million tons of scrap copper
  • 2.5 million tons of scrap aluminum
  • 10 million tons of scrap automobiles( this is included in the 56 million tons of scrap iron and steel recycled)
  • 1.3 million tons of scrap leads
  • 300,000 tons of scrap zinc
  • 800,000 tons of stainless steel scraps.

Recycling metal is important for several reasons. It contributes to generating more jobs in the U.S. and internationally.  It also plays an important role in conserving national resources, and it helps keep our cities free from debris.

Valley Box chooses to incorporate sustainable business practices by recycling all wood scrap with San Diego's Waste Management Company.  Visit our “Green Business" page to learn more.

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