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10 Ways Sustainable Manufacturing Can Reduce Costs

From our design engineering to our manufacturing and packaging management services, Valley Box brings you sustainable value in at least 10 distinct ways:



1. We foster “green” practices that result in lower overall costs and greater sustainability.

2. Valley Box offers a 100% post-consumer recycled corrugated boxes.

3. We have a customized refurbishing program so packaging can be inspected, repaired & reused where applicable.  

4.We use engineered wood in many of our products. Engineered wood comes from trees that mature faster than hardwood or pine.

5. Engineers design packaging that considers savings associated with an increased life of our product.

6. Design Engineering Facility with full CAD design.  We can find and fix problems before they cost you money.

7. We provide our customers the flexibility to quickly and cost effectively adapt packaging solutions to product design changes while minimizing time and expense.

8. We manage returnable programs and provide metrics to our customers providing cost savings and sustainability.

9. Valley Box reuses all possible packaging in our production processes to minimize waste and disposal costs.

10. Valley Box recycles all wood & metal scrap, reducing the amount of waster entering landfills.

 For more information visit our "Green Business" page.

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