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Paint Company Exceeds Standards for Health & Safety

Dunn-Edwards is the first paint company in the world to be LEED certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. Their motto is to be “greener by design” which is a mission to stay committed to eco-efficiency by making products that maximize their environmental benefits and minimize their potential health and safety risks.

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Valley Box is proud to use Dunn-Edwards paint products. Dunn-Edwards is considered one of the most environmentally-friendly paint manufacturers and an industry leader in eco-efficient principles.

Many years prior to the current environmental conscience trend, Dunn-Edwards was already ahead of the game by preserving the environment, conserving energy, and protecting human health and safety.

Dunn-Edwards removed EG from its paint formulas in 1984 and remains the only major manufacturer to have done so. EG, which is listed as a hazardous air pollutant and toxic air contaminant, can be harmful to humans.

In the 1970s, Dunn-Edwards reformulated all their water-based paints to eliminate the use of biocides containing mercury, long before the U.S. EPA imposed a limited ban in 1990.

In the early 1980s, they replaced ethylene glycol which is a toxic solvent with safer, non-toxic, FDA-approved propylene glycol. We pride ourselves by doing business with companies with common views.

Valley Box chooses to incorporate sustainable business practices by recycling all wood scrap with San Diego's Waste Management Company.  Visit our “Green Thinking" page to learn more.

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