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Sustainable Business Practices - Recycling Program

Valley Box Company incorporates sustainable business practices into our operations by recycling all wood scrap using Waste Management’s commercial recycling services & metal scrap using Ecko Metals Scrap program.

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The metal scrap recycling program works this way:

  1. First metal scrap is sorted
  2. Then it enters into a furnace blast that burns at extremely high temperatures. (The exact temperature of the furnace varies depending on the metal that is being recycled)
  3. The blast furnace melts the scrap metal into its molten, liquid, state which helps to burn off any impurities or other materials left over from the sorting stage of the process.
  4. After the metal is liquefied, it can then be poured into molds for use in new products.

Download our Metal Scrap Recycling Pdf by clicking the image below


Wood recycling programs retain as much value as possible. Waste Management helps to do that by turning our materials into new resources. Recyclable wood waste is often:

  • Ground into mulch
  • Sold as landscape product
  • Used as fuel at an off-site biomass energy plant
  • Good condition lumber can be recovered and sold for reuse.

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