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True or False: Trees Can Lower Temperatures in Urban Cities

TRUE! The collective effect of a large area of transpiring trees reduces the air temperature in urban areas.

Urban areas are susceptible to the "heat island” effect, which is a result of the storage of thermal energy in concrete, steel and asphalt. Heat islands are 3 to 10º degrees warmer than the surrounding countryside. For this reason, and many others, urban forests are important assets that require care and maintenance the same as other public property because trees can lower temperatures.

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Brian Stone, the director of the Urban Climate Lab in Atlanta Georgia, discusses what we can do to help in the article, “As Temps Rise, Cities Combat ‘Heat Island’ Effect”. Mr. Stone sees the urban heat wave as an opportunity to take action and is touted as Atlanta’s own tree whisperer.

Benefits of Trees:

  • Work 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Shade from trees lowers air temperature
  • Evaporation increases humidity in dry climates
  • Branches & leaves reduce wind speed
  • Help to trap and hold particulate pollutants (dust, ash, pollen, smoke) that can damage human lungs
  • Absorb CO2 and other dangerous gases
  • Produce oxygen (1 acre trees = fresh O2 for 18 people daily)

While Valley Box’s wood boxes are built from sustainably grown forests, not located in urban cities, we still value urban beautification with the use of trees. To get involved locally check out our favorite foundation, San Diego River Park.

Sustainable forestry makes an important contribution to mitigating climate change and adapting to changing ecosystems. Certified Lumber Providers follow a process that protects endangered species, and water resources. These “green” ways of thinking lend to the idea that pound for pound wood boxes are the most environmentally friendly outer packaging you can find on the market.


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