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Wood Container Becomes Valley Box Family Tree

The marketing gurus at Valley Box were tasked with creating a company organization chart that gives the customer a clear view of what our company culture is like.

wood container

A brainstorm session with several other employees quickly gained steam and resulted in ideas like:

  • Family vs. Team
  • Organic vs. Corporate
  • Warm vs. Cold
  • Top down vs. Grass Roots

When it comes to “family” vs. “team”, there’s no question—Valley Box is made up of more than just team members. The company is a close-knit family that believes in taking an organic approach to everything from fueling customer satisfaction to sustainability efforts. More importantly, Valley Box’s warm and inclusive environment extends beyond closed doors. It can be felt from the front line to the delivery dock.

At the end of the day, our company organization chart offers more than a glimpse into the culture at Valley Box. You get to know the folks that have dedicated themselves to pulling it all together each day. And boy, are we proud of each and every one of them!

So here’s where the creative process took us. Rather than buy a pre-made company organization chart, the marketing family decided to reuse material from a wood container. But when does a simple wood container become more than a just a box? When you add precious nuggets and pictures that weave an engaging tale of the inner workings of Valley Box—without words.

wood container reused

What makes Valley Box’s wood container-slash-org chart even more precious is—it’s made of environmentally friendly plywood! Here’s how we did it:

  1. Using a projector, the creative members of our marketing family traced the tree design onto the smooth plywood.
  2. Next, with eco-friendly brown paint, family members hand painted the prominent design.
  3. With steady hands, our most exacting family members carefully arranged and stapled black and white employee photos to the board, creating a mini-map of managers, supervisors, and departments.
  4. Finally, with dazzling green yarn, we all pitched in to connect each department and sub-family.

Take a look at our time-lapse video to see how a simple wood container transforms into a story and how the Valley Box family worked from the roots up to illustrate our organic work culture—a culture that grows from the base up!

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