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Refurbishing Reusable Containers Saves the Environment

Some people see the word “refurbished” and immediately think the product in question is inferior to something new. This is so not true—especially when it comes to refurbished reusable containers! A refurbished container can be restored to its original condition by simply replacing or repairing parts such as links, locks, and steel reinforced corners. Even the wood on reusable containers can be replaced! refurbished box

After a reusable container has been refurbished, it will perform just like it did when it was first built. Even better is, the cost to refurbish is no more than half the cost of replacing the container. This makes good business sense and helps your bottom line by extending the life of the box and maximizing your investment.

In addition to saving money on replacement costs, refurbishing reusable containers does wonders for the environment. Refurbishing helps:

  • Minimize manufacturing. Which helps save energy.
  • Limit waste. Which reduces waste products in landfills.
  • Save resources. By reducing the need to extract raw materials from the earth.
  • Minimize production. Which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions from factories and industrial plants, leading to less pollution, which depletes the ozone layer.

So here’s how Valley Box does its part to help minimize costs and maximize the positive impact on the environment:

Valley Box can take an ordinary wood box and turn it into a cost effective reusable container, which can easily be refurbished after years of service.

  • Water resistant solutions such as paint or linex® can be used to extend the life of the box from harsh weather conditions.
  • Other goodies like upgraded fasteners and hardware can make the container easier for repeated access. See our gallery!
  • Protective steel weldments protect our refurbished reusable containers from damage by forklift and shipping wear and tear.

Valley Box’s Sustainable Packing Practices have been shaping how we do things since day one. Our goal is to continue to do our part in contributing to the preservation of our environment. So far so good!

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