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International Shipping with Freight Forwarder

Whether by ocean or air, Valley Box will act as your single point of contact and handle all of the customs paperwork for you. Let our reps help you navigate through the confusing world of international shipping.


What you need to know

Information you should have readily available when placing your international shipping order with Valley Box includes:

  • Weight of the item(s) you are shipping
  • Transport preference; via ocean or air (air is approximately 3 times more than ocean transport)
  • Whether you would like door to door, port to port, or airport to airport service (door to door is the most costly)
  • 1) Final destination consignee name, 2) address, 3) phone and email address
  • Invoice of the item(s) that you're exporting
  • The amount of insurance you will require for the shipment
  • Your company’s Federal Tax ID Number
  • Who'll be paying for the freight and a credit card number for pre-authorization of the order

During transport, your Valley Box rep will continue to monitor and update you on all of your international shipments via email.

At Our location

We make it very simple, just drop off your product or items you need shipped, Valley Box will build a custom shipping container (wood or triple wall), pack your shipment for you and ship it. If you have very sensitive items such as electronics or metals, we can also provide a barrier bag with desiccant to control moisture during transport.

On-Site Service

Another service we offer is on-site packing of your international items. If they are too large, bulky, or heavy, Valley Box will send a pack crew to your site and package the items before shipping. We can handle the freight on this as well, just having the items picked up at your place of business. The paperwork will be filled out by a Valley Box representative and forwarded to you with instructions on printing and signing during pick up.

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