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Trade Show Wooden Containers Can Be Recycled!

Many companies can use their custom trade show wooden containers for many years. However, if a company decides to update, add to, or completely change their current trade show display, that custom wooden container may no longer work. Many companies would rather not store a large collection of custom containers that they may never use again, and some may even end up tossing them in the trash.

Fortunately, these options are not the only options. In fact, companies have a much easier (and more responsible) option that can help them reclaim their space, while saving money and the earth. Of course the option we’re talking about is recycling! Yes, companies can safely and conveniently recycle all kinds of wood from the smallest construction particles to the largest pieces of lumber, furniture, crates, and more.

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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than 500 wood processing facilities operate in cities across the country. These facilities are busy processing unwanted wood to use as fuel, compost, mulch, and even animal bedding. Recycled wood can also be used for manufactured products such as particleboard.

The EPA also says disposal cost can be turned into a new revenue stream for businesses. How’s that for incentive? If you’re ready to start recycling your trade show wooden containers or any other wood products, the following are three helpful tips:

  1. If your wood products are longer than six feet, and molding are in good shape, they can be reused. So, before you send your wood waste to recycle, separate the reusable wood products first.

  2. Treated wood cannot be recycled. It must be disposed as demolition and construction waste. However, if you can remove paint or chemical treat from the wood surface, the wood underneath is usable. Contact your local wood recycling center or service and ask them about how to recycle clean wood scraps. Follow their instructions.

  3. If your trade show wooden containers are large or shabbier, consider cutting them down before sending them off to the recycling center.

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