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Trade Show Containers Top Choice for Transporting Displays

Whether your company plans to introduce a new and exciting product to the market or reintroduce a classic, one of the best forums is a trade show. In fact, this industry rakes in roughly $100 billion a year and thousands of companies from around the world. While this is great for the industry, a typical trade show event can be hectic for the participants. Fortunately, half the battle is getting your display and accessories to the venue in one piece.

To ensure success, all you have to do is choose the best trade show container to transport your display!

Choosing the Best Trade Show Container

Before you set out to shop for a trade show container, create a quick list consisting of the following:

  1. Convenience
  2. Quick and Easy Access
  3. Safety
  4. Size


Do you need the trade show containers delivered to your location for packing? To the convention center? Back to you (or other) location for storage? If so, make sure the provider offers this convenient service. Hiring another company to handle transporting could be costly.

Quick and Easy Access

To assess a container’s user-friendliness check to see if it’s easy to open and close. Is easy to move? Does it look like it will be easy to pack and unpack? Does it look awkward? If the container offers quick and easy access, you will avoid wasting precious time trying to figure out how it works.

trade show box

Remember, most trade shows offer limited onsite resources, so if you end up with a container that you have to pry open, chances are you won’t be able to find anyone to assist you.


A safe and secure trade show container is durable enough to hold the trade show booth, ancillary parts, and other paraphernalia, while protecting them from damage and being lost. Consider a trade show container with special compartments for small parts, with shock absorption capabilities, and with locks to prevent involuntary opening and closing, and theft.


Make sure the trade show container is roomy enough so the items inside can be easily loaded and removed. If the fit is too snug, you might have a tough time unloading, which can increase your set-up time and the risk of damage.
Recyclability Respects the Environment

Make sure the container is made of recyclable materials and that it offers a good long-term storage solution for most items. This will ensure that you and your supplier are doing what’s best for the environment.


Some trade show containers can even be re-purposed for signage. See how Montreal Convention Center accomplished this here.

Customize Your Trade Show Container for Additional Benefits

If your trade show exhibit is on the odd side, that’s perfectly OK. Whether it’s a double decker, pop-up, or truss display, you can customize your trade show containers to fit the specific components of your unique display. You can even request special painting & stenciling to help your containers stand out from the rest.

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